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64 bit mint 10 won't install

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I recently upgraded one of my computers to an AMD quad core, 3.0 ghz, 600 watt power supply, 16 gig of ram, an MSI 760GM. 64 bit mobo. and 500 gig HD. I downloaded the 64 bit rc version of Mint 11, and it would start to install and about 3/4 done would freeze. I then tried Mint 10 64 bit, and it barely got started before freezing. 32 bit installed without a hitch. First time I've tried 64 bit software, but I wasn't expecting this. Am I missing something?

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What does barely got it to start mean? Can you tell us what the sequence of events leading up to the failure are?

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"barely started", means it started to install, and it froze, stopped. No cursor, no keyboard. The live CD booted up fine. I was trying to install alongside PCLinuxOS, on a 500 gig HD.

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Did you get up to the grub screen? Did you see anything before the blank screen? What was the last thing you saw before the screen went blank? When a computer boots up, one sees all the bios stuff that one normally sees when the computer starts, then the grub screen comes up and asks you which kernel or which distro you wish to boot into. They key to finding out what is wrong is to see where it stops booting. If you see nothing at all, it would be a hardware problem. If you see the grub screen, then it turns black, you may have chosen the wrong place to put you bootloader when doing the install of Mint. We need more info.

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I booted the live CD, selected to install. Selected to install alongside other OS. Selected all the other options, and the install started. The blue progress bar went about 1/2 inch, and ALL motion stopped. The screen did not blank, or change color, everything stayed, but no cursor movement, ctrl-alt-delete did not work, arrow keys did not work, nothing on keyboard was active. I turned the switch off, on back of computer, and rebooted. I have the 32 bit, of mint 10, installed on another system alongside, XP, Ububtu, and Peppermint One. I have had as many as five OS's on the other system, with no problems.

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Well, since you've done this before and are used to multiple builds on one box I won't ask the simple questions. What I would say is that trying to install any rc (release candidate) version of a distro can be problematic, that's why it's a release candidate and not their actual release. Why it stops installing is something that should be asked of and/or reported to the Mint devs.

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