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64 bit mint 10 won't install

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Do you have the same issues with Ubuntu? I would try Kubuntu 11.10 64 bit, that's what I run and it's been flawless on my laptop. My desktop does have issues with it however but that graphics card has issues after every new distribution comes out. 11.04 64 bit kubuntu is running flawlessly on my desktop however.

From what I understand mint is a spin off of ubuntu, but I believe it's possible the exact changes mint has made may be part of your specific problem. It's worth investigating and trying out.

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Actually I have installed several 64 bit distros on this machine with no problems. I have 4 spare 500 gig HD's that I use for testing other distros. I had Kubuntu installed on another machine, but aspps kept moving around on the task bar, and some apps would be removed. Seems like after a kernel update, there would be problems. I had 8 entries on grub with different kernel versions, so I removed Kubuntu. Thanks for your suggestions though, I appreciate the feedback.

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This is why it is recommended to use 32bit systems. The 64bits are not that stable. You can install them on some machines but not all. Check the distros hardware support list to see what is supported.

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