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Acer Aspire 3630 laptop

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Hi, i`ve messing around with linux for a few years, so i can get a distro up and running.

i`m struggling now.......... i bought an oldish acer aspire 3630 i run windows 7 on it ok .
i solved the broadcom wireless card problem by getting a netgear n150 adapter
but i cannot get a distro to work consistently.

i have tries a good few any one know or have any info on my laptop make and a distro that works on it
cheers elmo

Link to this post 18 Jan 13

dear user.. if you want to install linux any version o/s , you can, your laptop is very old, after install you need to try the update command sudo get update from terminal, after that your hardware may be work. and accessible from you netgear router, if its not run thn please change your network card from your laptop.. its take too low cost..
thank you..

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I installed Lubuntu 14.04 on an Acer 3630 and it works like a charm.
Just a small issue with the wlan driver: need to use b43 instead of wl -- see this link:

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