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Apache does not work on Opensuse

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Hello people,

I am using Opensuse for the first time.
I installed Apache via Yast, and when I went to tape (after I started apache server): http://localhost this error message is shown:

"You don't have permission to access the requested directory. There is either no index document or the directory is read-protected.

Can you tell me why it does not work ?

Thank you.

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Have you verified that the apache user has read permissions to the DocumentRoot directory that is listed in the apache configuration file?

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Thank you for the answer, but yes I did chmod 777 for thee document root and I am the only user of my computer.

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How about seLinux permissions? Does your installation have seLinux installed and are the permission correct under seLinux, if it is installed but you want to verify the setting you can put it in permissive mode to enable all files with logging to see how the directory can be configured.

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thank you again for the answer, i will install that and look more and i will post the solution if i find it

Link to this post 17 Apr 12

Be careful with SeLinux, I was asking if it is installed, not stating to install it. SeLinux is a advanced permissions system for Linux that works with the existing file permissions to add additional security to files. With it installed and configured correctly or even mis-configured you can block root and other users from accessing files that according to the standard permissions they should have access to, which looks like you issue.

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