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Can I boot from USB 3.0 device

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I downloaded the Universal USB Installer from I can successfully boot using USB 2.0 drive in USB 2.0 port. I successfully (??) installed on USB 3.0 drive. At least the Universal USB Installer said it was successful. However, can't boot with this drive in either a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port. Is it possible to boot using USB 3.0? If so, do I need a special installer? Thanks for your help. I'm a Linux newbie.

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The xhci module, which is needed for USB 3.0 is included in recent kernels. Although in Fedora, at least the version I'm using it has been disabled due to interference in suspend/resume. You didn't mention what distro/version you are using, so, I really can't give you a definitive answer.

You can do (in a terminal):

lsmod | grep xhci

and see if that module is present. If it's not, then USB 3.0 won't work with your system. There are ways to enable it if your system/kernel has it available, but, we need more info from you in order to come up with a solution. Tell us what distro you're using, and, give us the output of (again in a terminal):
uname -a

and we can tell if your kernel has it available.

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is there a grub option to boot ubuntu 12 or 13 from a usb 2 usb stick on a usb 3 port motherboard ? (without getting a kernel panic)

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ps: i have no linux already working system

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i have the same problem with ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04, i can boot on the usb stick but when i try ubuntu without installing i get a kernel panic.

i've tried all the usb ports and they all fail.

i have no cd to burn

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Hello Guys When you boot from a USB system, what you're actually doing is operating your pc with the operating system that's set up on the USB system.
Recheck the boot order in BIOS,Didn't find a "USB Device" boot order listing in BIOS,Switch to another USB port,Copy the files to the USB device again.Thanks!!

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