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Cannot install Fedora 8 on VMWare

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I am attempting to install Fedora 8 on the VMWare that I received but cannot get it to install. It will load the isolinux but when I try to type (PS2 or USB), it locks up and beeps on me after I hit enter 4 or 5 times. I have restarted my system and attempted to install Fedora 8 on my computer, and it was successful but I may be having trouble with VMWare. I know there is a Fedora8 VMWare box that someone has already gotten up and I downloaded it but I am not sure why I cannot install it on VMWare. Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated!:unsure:

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Okay, I have tried it on my Vista32 bit laptop and I am having the same issue where I setup VMWare to install Linux 2.6x and the isolinux loads and I hit anything (F1, enter) and it does nothing. I have left it there for an hour + I have a 50gb hard drive space preformatted, 1gb RAM for it to use, all the other settings are default, and I get nothing. I think it may not be VMWare because I cannot install it from the boot screen on my physical computer.

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To me it sounds like you are using the same iso image if both attempts are yielding the same results. It is highly probably that your iso image that you download was corrupted in transmission.

Did the check the md5sum of the FC8 iso file(s) when it was downloaded?

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