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Can't run napster (a music streaming website)

Link to this post 09 May 10

I switched from windows over to linux today and am having some troubles. I use a music website called napster to listen to music that streams to my computer, but when i click on a song to listen to it on linux it gives me the rror message
"Error, in data:
movie.SetVariable is not a function
If anyone has had similair problems or knows the solution please help me out. The website is

Link to this post 10 May 10

What technology and/or format is the site using to stream the music?

Link to this post 20 Jun 10

why would you want to use that web site for anything anyway. And It sounds like they are using a really weird format if mozilla isn't doing it correctly. Were you using internet explorer before? Maybe you just need to try a different browser.

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