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Debian Squeeze video streaming server.

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There is one problem that I see with that tut and that is that it uses UPNP which I already have and UPNP is for intern use as far as I know. I'm trying to get a sort of youtube idea. When I connect from work to my home server I can choose a Video and then it starts. Is there such a thing?

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Just place a web server with html5 video tags.

It's easy and quick


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That is indeed a plan which I would use when there wasn't any other options. Maybe this is the best solution after all. Thank you Marc Deop.

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Hey jonathanb, sorry I was missing in action. Work took me away from the site for a couple of days. I'm happy Marc had a solution for you. Please come back if you have any more questions. We have a lot of knowledgeable people here, like Marc, but, sometimes we all get busy at the same time, so, the answers come in a bit slow.

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