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Download youtube videos through the terminal

Link to this post 02 Mar 11

I tried the following command in the ubuntu for downloading the youtube videos:

youtube-dl "URL"

or if we want to specify the file extension :

youtube-dl -o filename.flv "URL"

This being the most recommended command, doesn't work. It says format is not supported.
Moreover I again tried the command :

wget -c "URL"

But this command also doesn't work . Can anyone help me with this problem???

Link to this post 02 Mar 11

Please post the entire URL that you are trying to download.

Link to this post 02 Mar 11

You can take any URL of the youtube channel. Suppose for example:

Link to this post 02 Mar 11

Moreover my adobe flash player is not working because ...
I think its because i tried the command in the terminal :

sudo apt-get update

this tries to get new updates for my ubuntu 10.10 but even though i'm trying a lot to install the new adobe flash player 10 but it's not working. Can you suggest any command that I can type in the terminal to get the adobe flash player 10 through the terminal. Because the terminal is more effective than the "synaptic package manager" or " ubuntu software center" applications... i think so...

Link to this post 02 Mar 11

I tried to download the save video and received the same message, however when I upgraded to the latest version of youtube-dl the file format issue was corrected. Can you please run "youtube-dl -v" to get the version number and share that with us so we can determine if that is the cause?

Link to this post 04 Mar 11

I sorry i bothered you so much ... At the time i posted this question the youtube in our network was working but now it's not. When it was working i tried and came to see the error. But I'm really sorry i cannot check it out now. Because the youtube is blocked again in our network. So I cannot say you whether the command youtube-dl -v is really working or not. If youtube again works in our network then I assure you to inform you at once.
And well... thank you for your reply

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