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Driver for Built-in webcam

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hi! i want to ask what program can support the built-in webcam on EasyNote BU45 Series and easy to setup. im using Ubuntu 10.4 LTS. i hope you help me.. THANK YOU very much...

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I do not know if you webcam is supported by out of the box, but if it is then you can use a program called cheese to activate the webcam to take pictures.

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hi! Thank you for reply.. i try to install cheese but my built-in webcam is not fucntion and say no Device detected.. i hope anyone can help me about this.

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In a terminal, give us the output of:


we really need to know what type of webcam it is before we can help you.

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ok thank you for reply.. this is the result on lsusb under terminal

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 174f:a821 Syntek Web Cam - Packard Bell BU45, PB Easynote MX66-208W

i Hope you help me.. THANK YOU..

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Most of the posts I've found are a bit old, from 2 to 3 years back. The driver for that webcam is available at souceforge, link below:

Mepis is a Debian derivative, as is Ubuntu, and a post from 2007 tells how a Mepis user got the webcam working on an older Mepis install. I'll give you the link to the Mepis thread:

My advice would be to see if Ubuntu has a recent version of the .deb used in the Mepis thread and see if you can install it using the instructions given in that thread. (Actually it's a single post).

If your adventurous, you can look at the documentation on the sourceforge site and see if that helps you also.

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