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HELP,Can't install anything but Ubuntu

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Since this problem is happening with distributions after Ubuntu 9.x, and you have an nVidia card, it may be that the change with 10.04 where they started using the Nouveau video driver, may be the issue here. I've seen similar problems with it. One thing to try is to attach an external monitor to the VGA or DVI port and see if you are getting your output there after the splash screen goes away. It it works, then you can uninstall Nouveau, blacklist it, and install the proprietary nVidia driver.

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You're correct. The only distro I can install is Ubuntu 9.1. I've tried Fedora 14, Zorin 4, Linux mint 10 in both 32 and 64 bit. My question is does anybody not use the nouveau video driver or can I remove it before install? The only other problem I'm having is my CPU fan is running at full speed. I tried running the lm-sensor program but it did not help. And it doesn't look like VIA supports a linux chipset driver.

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I have a similar problem with my ati card. After I upgraded to 10.10, I installed the proprietary driver and all I get is a blank screen. Not cool. So, instead I used the default driver loaded from the kernel. Works fine but can't take full advantage of 3d-rendering.

I also have another that will only take ubuntu 9.1. Any newer distro will not work it...newer ubuntu system. Apparently, the default driver is not accepted, don't even have the option to install the propriety driver.

I'll take a guess and say that with each upgrade of the kernel module are re-written or patched. What ever was patched in the kernel related to the video driver will not work with yours or my system. And, modules are not loaded until the kernel is loaded after booting.

Take a look at the kernel ubuntu 9.1 is using and see if you can find other distros that use the same one or, run "lspci -v" and find your vga controller section and note the driver and modules that your kernel has loaded for your video controller. Then take that information and check all kernels to see if they are using the same ones. Bit of work but will help out in the long run.

Look at this site for a listing of all recent kernels and view their change logs.

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