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Install ffmpeg... Only to Uninstall gnome?

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Goineasy9 wrote:

I'm still wondering what the output of apt-get -s remove gnome would be. Gnome app in Debian is a macro.

Macro or metapackage?

Link to this post 16 Apr 11

Sorry what I meant was metapackage, not macro, like I said in an earlier post.

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mfillpot wrote:

[b]kushallinux wrote:[/b]
[quote]if u remove gnome thn u wont be able to access Linux graphically

That was already decided, the purpose of this thread is to figure out why the installation of ffmpeg is stating it would cause gnome to be removed. I think Marc is on the right track to help the OP resolve his issue.[/quote]

Update: After accidentally f*%!ing up my / directory while exploring a different issue, I opted to back up my pertinent data and start over. This time, I paid careful attention to which repositories were enabled during installations and upgrades. I used Wheezy only to obtain LibreOffice files before disabling the repository. It may have been around this time originally when something went wrong and synaptic attempted to pull different files from different repositories (I am still attempting to figure out what really went haywire). Thank you to everyone who helped with this curious conundrum!

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