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installing Fedora 18 (latest release)

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ok i feel stupid asking this question but I used Yummi to install Fedora on my usb drive which i downloaded from Fedora's website via torrent and I can boot it up just fine but I can't for the life of me find anywhere once booted an istall option for the internal hard drive and the options i have just after bios for boot options is live mode, persistent mode, and trouble shooting... so how do i install on the internal hdd on my laptop?

I have gone thru Fedoraprojects website and looked for help but they all show an install option at bios which i dont seem to have unless its some strange hidden option

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Which of the spins did you write to the usb drive? Fedora folks have been using dd to write the images to their usb sticks, I've never used yum(m)i myself. On the live cd's the install icon would be on the desktop, if it's not there, something must be amiss.

Are you sure yumi doesn't install to the usb stick, instead of just transferring the live cd to the stick? If it installs to the usb stick, there won't be an option to install.

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