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Installing Linux on an unsupported laptop

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Hello there,

I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p and to my disappointment I can not install any Linux distribution on it (I tried Ubuntu, Mint, and ArchLinux). They all hang after the loading screen (if there is any).

Digging around I landed upon this: which suggests that it might be "impossible" to install Linux on my machine. I am quite eager to get it to work though, so I would be happy for any pointers to documentation or articles I can read that would help me to get a working Linux system.


Link to this post 04 Dec 13

Thank you very much! I will try the suggested method and will report my success here.

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Hello again,

I ended up running Ubuntu from a LiveUSB (created using LiLi) and using that to partition my drive and install Ubuntu Linux on it. Later, I had to manually install GRUB2 in order to boot it, but now I am writing from within my fresh new Linux, so I am happy.

Thanks for the help.

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