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installion of Ubuntu Programmes

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hi i have been using Ubuntu since version 8 and i fail to install some programmes like Cinelerra and other video editing programmes really troublesome with installing programmes for video editing and for media usages

Help because i wanna save on license charge like on other operating systems

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Are you having trouble installing programs for ubuntu? All you need to do is go to the "ubuntu software center" app and search for the programs you want. You can even download the tarballs of the packages that you want.

You should should upgrade to 10.04 LTS to have better support for all packages available.

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There are no license charges in Linux, unless you specifically pay for a custom program. Why are you having problems installing programs like Cinerella? What happens when you try to install them?

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Have you tried with the instructions on there page?

You have to add that PPA to your sources list.

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Okay so before anything, you should really try to upgrade to a more recent Ubuntu. 10.04 Long Term Support would be a good choice. It could very well be possible that the Ubuntu you are running doesn't support any of the programs you're trying to use. Hope this helps :)

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hello all thanks for all your help
but i'm i just updated my ubuntu to 11.04
any advice??


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