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installion of Ubuntu Programmes

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kristof portscher wrote:

hello all thanks for all your help
but i'm i just updated my ubuntu to 11.04
any advice??


Is it not working to install from the PPA??

What did you try so far?

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I installed Ubuntu Studio 10.10 - it includes kdenlive and cinelerra by default.

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hi i'm installing ubuntu studio on my computer now but i have both ubuntu11.04 and win7 on my computer how do i replace ubuntu with ubuntu studio


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During installation, just tell the installer to use the Ubuntu 11.04 partitions and it will replace 11.04 with Ubuntu Studio.

Edit: it should detect and set up the dual boot for windows 7 automatically, just as it did when you installed 11.04.

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thanks on and all for your help i am successfully on ubuntu studio as of yesterday

@woboyle i do not have cinelerra installed by default
any advice

although i have followed instructions on conelerra website already


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Glad to have helped.

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