Invalid module format

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The steps I gave instructed you on the steps to load the working configuration for a new kernel, that at least added the existing modules. With each step that is attempted can you please tell us why it did not work or give the error messages so we can attempt to correct your problem?

Now for the step I gave you, they came from a guide that I have used many times to build a stock kernel in slackware, I hope that they can help you.

And here are two guide to build a kernel on Mandriva.

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I've come to the conclusion that "Invalid module format" means absolutely nothing, accept that it could not do what it was asked to do. It's just another useless error that has no specific meaning or cause. So "invalid module format" should be ignored and translated as "I could not do it". There are many posts on the internet that say that it means this, or it means that, but the truth is that it means nothing other than the fact that it failed to do what you asked it to do.

Wayne Sallee

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