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Linux Mint 13 Mate install

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Totally new to Linux OS, objective is to run in a partition alongside of Windows 7. PC is a
new,(2 months in use), Toshiba Satellite L875 laptop, with Windows Aero Direct 3D graphics
card. Issue:Inserted a live DVD from "OS/" of "Linux Mint 13 Mate", it began loading
up to intro-page, an interruption occurred,in my rush to leave accidentally brushed some key
and upon returning to continue the "Start" page now gives me the option of selecting Windows
or Linux to boot. When Linux is selected it goes to a "grub,complete this command page" and
I have no idea what to do. (Have tried many beginnings and endings to GU-). Have also tried
reloading the DVD without success.

Link to this post 05 Nov 12

First of all, back up all important data from the windows partition.
Try making a live cd of parted magic and run that, then do some diagnostics on grub and see if you can mend that, or have a look at the partitions and maybe delete the linux mint one so you can reinstall it.

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As a new user we cannot expect you to diagnose a grub issue. If you are receiving any specific error messages you can share then with us or you can attempt a complete reintallation of mint which included removing all data from the existing mint partition(s).

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Thanks to both of you. Will copy text that loads at boot attempt. Will take some time to get back to it, but soon. Have not found out how to remove Mint partition data that loaded yet.

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