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Linux on the new Sony P Series notebook

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Seires wrote:

Nah it's not a booting issue perse' . I work for Sony, but prefer linux on most things and was just curious. I hook up the USB drive, bios is set properly, it starts to load the disk, but then just stays on a black screen. One of the distro's i tried, just kept flickering, so seemed like a video issue or something.

Which is why I tried so many. I do repairs at a Sony Style store and we are generally rather slow, so I toy around with stuff I probably shouldn't, but general knowlege = fun. =)

Okay, maybe try this distro - it is installed as a single file on your windows partition, you just need to have enuf space for it to fit (DISCLAIMER: I have never tried it - so I don't know what *could* happen. back up first!):

or the ever popular wubi

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hmm thanks for those links...Not sure, but it sounds like it loads a boot manager, which i'm not really sure I want to have on the computer. But maybe when the new models come out and I can play with one in private I will =)

Link to this post 16 May 09

If you think it's a video issue, I think you can force it to use the generic vesa driver by passing the following boot line option: xdriver=vesa.

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