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notebook freeze when in desktop mode

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My Notebook : >> Toshiba C640
>> Dual Core AMD HDD 500GB

I have installed LinuX OS (e.g) Backtrack R5, Linux Mint 13, Open Suse and ubuntu. All of them is worked when I'm login mode.

But, the trouble was come.

When I'm in desktop mode, the OS is always freeze. Both of them.
I can't do anything.

#P.S : I'm dual boot with win""ws 7 home basic

Link to this post 19 Nov 13

You need to explain more. When and what exactly were you doing when the desktop froze? What video card are you using and how much memory does your laptop have.

It's hard diagnosing a problem when the only clue we have is "the OS is always freeze".

Also searching the end of /var/log/messages might give you a clue as to what's failing.

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i forced click power off.

-My video AMD 6320

- RAM 2 GB

how fix it? can you give me advice for my problem

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