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pc wont boot from usb anymore

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im trying to install mint 8 or ubuntu on my pc but my computer wont boot from the usb flash drive any more. i installed mint 7 from the usb and now im trying to upgrade to ubuntu 9.10 or mint 8. and my cd rom drive is broken and i cant get it fixed. any help?

Link to this post 12 Jan 10

Have you confirmed that the image you wrote to the USB drive is in the correct format and non-corrupted, can it boot on another system?

Link to this post 12 Jan 10

the usb drive boots ubuntu, mint 8 and fedora on a friend of mines laptop but not on mine. i also tried instlling from hard disk and failed. either i really dont understand as much about linux as i thought or im completely missing something. thanks

Link to this post 12 Jan 10

Are you using the select boot device option from your bios to try to boot it, or have you setup your bios to attend to boot from a USB device before the hard drive?

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