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Problem installing Network Manager.

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I am new to installing programs and might just be missing something obvious. I am attempting to install Network Manager on Debian 2.6.26. When I do
I get
Permission Denied
so I am attempting to change the ownership to root with
chown root/<Directory Name>
then getting
No such file or directory
when I do
ls <Directory Name>
I get
No such file or directory
but then it proceeds to list the files in the directory.

Jed Stuart

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Are you logged in as root?
Is the file you are trying to execute executable by the root user?

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I have tried it as root and as user.
The file is owned by user and suposedly executable by user although setuid is not on.

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I solved the chown problem. Chown did not like the directory name that was created during the unpacking of the package. It got called NetworkManager-0.8.2 . Changing it to just NetworkManager sorted that.

I am still getting
permission denied

the install file tells me that there might need to be unusal options added to configure.

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You don't want anything to be setuid unless it is absolutely necessary, so kick that out of your mind.

Now you want to see the following when you check the output of "ls -l configure":
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root {filesize} {mod date} configure*
the information in {} will be replaced with specific information from the file.

If the permissions to now match what is shown then you can run "chmod 755 configure".

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Thanks, I got the permissions right and found that I needed to add the path to the gcc for ./configure to work. Now I am getting the error:
C compiler cannot create executables.
There seem to be a lot of people having this error message and I am yet to find a clear statement on what it could be.

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