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Problem installing ubuntu server

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Hi i am trying to install linux server 10.04 on a tower i have but having problems.
I have set up a usb stick and boot to it and get the language selection screen then the option to install ubuntu server it goes through the keyboard setup and progresses through the network setup it then asks for a mirror to access archives or something and says its downloading but just sticks at 0% i can not get past this point i have even tried different countries but still the same

alo tried burning the iso to disc and it does the same thing

I have also tried a more uptodate version and the upto date version once selecting install ubuntu the screen seems to go off as if the resolution is not supported and sticks there

can anyone at all help me please

thanks in advance

Link to this post 13 Jan 12

Might sound stupid but... are you sure you have internet connection?

ctrl+alt+fx to get to a terminal and try there ;)


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well i have vista running on it now and the internet works fine but going through the installation process i'm not sure how to check

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This may be due to a bad download of the .iso image file. You need to verify the md5sum, sha1sum, or sha256sum checksum for the image with what is posted on the download site for that image. I have often had downloads of iso images that seemed to work, but generated the wrong checksum, so I had to download them again.

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I have downloaded now 7 copies of linux server and come up with the same results can i just ask what is the archive download trying to download ?

Link to this post 14 Jan 12


Are you on ethernet? on wifi? do you use dhcp? static ip? do you have any kind of firewall no your router? or maybe you are connecting directly to internet...


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