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Redhat Linux 32 bit ISO image

Link to this post 07 Apr 11

Hi Guys, I am preparing for RHCE exam...I need to know where to install ISO image for 32 bit OS as I am using windows 7 and already installed ubuntu through ORACLE virtual box....I tried on torrent sites but mostly come with 64 bit....Please let me know the way to download 32 bit ISO image...Thanks in advance...

Link to this post 08 Apr 11, lots of .iso's there!

Link to this post 09 Apr 11

You can install CentOS or Scientific Linux, which are both free (as in beer and pizza) clones of RHEL. They have 32-bit and 64-bit versions available. and

Link to this post 08 Apr

How to Downloadsomething ?

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hi i am a 32 bit os user can i install redhat or OEL linux plz help me

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