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Setting up grub on a multi-boot system

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I currently have Fedora11, OpenSUSE 11.1, and Ubuntu Jaunty all installed on my computer with a partition setup as follows:

/boot - ext3 96megs
swap - 4gigs
data - ext3 - 190gigs
Ubuntu / - ext3 - 15gigs
Ubuntu /home - ext3 - 25gigs
Fedora / - ext4 - 15gigs
Fedora /home - ext4 - 25gigs
OpenSUSE / - ext3 - 15gigs
OpenSUSE /home - ext3 - 25gigs

/boot is currently the Ubuntu bootloader, my question is this - what do I need to add to my /boot/grub/menu.lst so all three distros appear in it?


Link to this post 28 Aug 09

You will need to first copy the files from the boot directories of each installation into the ubuntu boot directory (which is the boot directory used by your bootloader). I would setup a subfolder within that directory for each OS to keep the similar files seperated. You should be able to use the ubuntu lines from /boot/grub/menu.lst to extract the syntax necessary for each of the distros to tbe added to that file. Once the synatax and necessary files and added they should appear in the boot loader, I am sorry that I cannot help further at this point, but I do not know the kernels, vmlinux and initrd files used by each of your distros.

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