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Suggested OS for ASUS tower

Link to this post 12 Nov 11

Another older-ish system needs a good Linux distro, we've been going through a magazine and the internet and frankly, neither of us knows enough to make an educated choice. We would like to put it in a ready-made partition, allow dual-booting, and to NOT put it online. All support will come from other computers. We'd prefer an older, stable, more or less bug-free distro, and we're leaning heavily towards Debian, Sabayon, PC Linux OS, or even Haiku just for kicks. Also, we'd like them to be precompiled, for the sake of simplicity.
Here are the specs:
ASUS A7V motherboard
Athelon 950 mHz processor
786 mb ram at 133 mHz
100 gb total in hard drive
20 gb boot ATA hard drive

Link to this post 24 Nov 11

Sorry, it seems we missed your post. If your still interested in our answer, I'd say that Debian would be a good match for an older desktop like that one. With the amount of RAM and disk space you have, you could possible put any range of Linux distros on it. For speeds sake though, I would probably stick to a distros spin that has a lighter desktop environment, say, XFCE or LXDE.

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