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Suggested OS for Compaq Armada 1592 DMT, heavily trimmed down

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Would like to turn an ancient laptop into a nice typewriter, without any other applications except office, and without being told to buy a new laptop. Here are the specs:
Compaq Armada 1592 DMT
Pentium 2 200mhz
32 mb RAM
OS and applications must fit on 1.25 gb hard drive
Would like either a Windows shell to run Microsoft Office 97, or a similar office suite
Laptop is fully supported by towers, so all I need is suggestions on which distro to use and which packages to install, plus instructions on stripping extra applications out of the OS to leave just what I want.

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I have not seen a laptop with so little RAM is quite a while, you may try using puppy linux, but there is no guarantee that you have enough RAM to run a Gui.

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Debian can be installed on older, low RAM systems, although 32mb is pretty small even for that. I run Debian Etch on a 64mb ARM board, and it will work ok on a 32mb one as well.

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Look into AntiX, it was made for older computers, Sorry, I'm on the phone and can't copy and paste a link.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try the Debian releases and see what happens.

Found this: and now wondering how useful that will be. I've only installed Ubuntu on one computer, and I opted to format the hard drive; the wizard it came with was very useful, but now I'm faced with partitioning this other hard drive and I'm not sure how user-friendly the distros provided on this page will be. Help!

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You don't have a lot of options with a system with 32mb of ram. I recommend using one of the light distros like puppy linux, archbang, debian, and antiX. Your best option is to install a distro without GUI.

Look at to get more information.

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