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USB flash drive distro with media codecs galore

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I am looking for a distro that runs from a usb flash drive that supports many media formats from within the web browser.

Watching sport via internet requires quite some media support and all the distro's I have tried so far (Mint, openSuse, Puppy) don't seem to support the ones I need, or at least I cannot get necessary protocols/players installed.

Basically the 3 most important formats that I need supported are:
Mediaplayer: They all can play this one except for when the protocol is MMS (Mint fell down here)
Sopcast: I couldn't get any to support this.
Veetle: I can only get openSuse to support this on my desktop but not on the usb flash drive.

Has anybody got experience with which distro can run persistently from a usb flash drive and where the installation of the above is easily done?

Thanks for any help.

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Hi There,
I've installed Ubuntu to an USB disk.
When I need support for some codec or something I just can install it and it works.

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I have tried different options with Ubuntu but it just seem to be persistent. The last I tried, Ubuntu 9.04, seems to hang the screen where you choose whether you want to boot live, install etc.

Whatever choice I make nothing happens. I made the usb using the instructions on Pendrive, including the special instructions for Vista, but nothing.

Looks like I might have to persevere with Puppy and see what I can get working there.

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I'm unsure of other distros, but Ubuntu has an application in jaunty under the menu Settings => Administration called the "USB Startup Disk Creator" which will allow you to setup a USB drive and allocate space for persistent data migration. I would think that you could use that space to install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package and get all of the media codecs you need.

Course could be wrong :P

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I second that. Ubuntu has easy codec install. You go to the upper panel click System > Adminstration > Software Sources. Then check em all. Make sure their all checked in the Ubuntu Software tab, and in Other Software. Then open a terminal and type :

Sudo apt-get update

In your browser it should show a message like "missing plugin." click to install that plugin. You should be good to go.

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