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Which version to download

Link to this post 22 Apr 10

I am about to install Linux Debian on a Dell poweredge 2850 ( 64-bit Intel® Xeon™ processors ).

I am given the option to download these versions.


Which one should I get ?


Link to this post 22 Apr 10

Use amd64, which Linux distribution will you be installing?

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He's installing Debian, from the looks of it. And yes... the AMD64 is the version he wants. :)

Link to this post 23 Apr 10

Ah, but Debian has Stable, Squeeze and Sid. So, the question is still valid. :)

Link to this post 04 May 10

Yeah Im using the stable version.

In an other forum I was told to use i386.

Whats the difference?

Link to this post 05 May 10

Both i386 and amd64 would work, but you probably want the amd64-version for performance reasons.

The i386-version is compiled for 32-bit processors, and should work on most derivatives of the processor Intel 80386 (which was initially released in 1985), including almost all modern processors from Intel and AMD. Some closed-source software for Linux has traditionally only been available for this architecture, but due to the widespread adoption of the amd64-architecture in recent years, this should not be a problem anymore.

The amd64-version will not only work, it will also enable you to use the full 64-bit capabilities of your processor. Essentially, this means that your computer can work with more data at a time (64-bit registers instead of 32-bit registers) and make use of more memory (32-bit processors can only address a maximum of 4 GB of RAM). Since compatibility with old processors is not required by the amd64-version, I believe this version also comes out-of-the-box with more optimization for other capabilities of modern processors (e.g. SSE-instructions).

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