wireless driver

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i have read, followed several tutorials and still can't install wireless driver to a Presario 5100 which uses bcm4318 driver. :(

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What have you done? What have you tried? Have you tried Wicd? Its one of the best. For drivers have you checked out

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If you want help, your going to have to tell us what Linux distro you're using. Input.....we need input!!!!

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I agree - more input required.

Distro (including version)
Wireless Card
Drivers you have tried (including version info)
Other (like does your computer have a wireless on/off button)

Input, Iiiiinput! (Johnny 5)

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Have you happened to check if the driver released by BroadComm will work with your Card?

I have a BCM4328 and it works great in 64-bit Ubuntu.

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If you haven't sorted it out ...maybe try PCLinuxOS - it comes with a few BCM drivers by default ...

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