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do you know if exist the first cdrom linux distribution: yggdrasil, to download ?

I think in November/dicember 1992

I found only an bocks image (0.98.3)


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I found:

One from 1994 on 1 CD and one from 1995 on 4 CDs, but they are not bootable cd's ....
how can I install from there ?

I found too:
I try 0.98 version img in bochs/qemu, and it works....
but I dont know how configure X...

can you help me?

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I found:

but I dont understand how to have that version cd (fall 1993)
and relative floppy for boot

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You seem to be doing a good job researching on your own. I'm sure many here remember this old distro, but finding help to run it will be a challenge, since it's been abandoned for years.
Googling "Yggdrasil" brings up info on the creator, and the company that put it out, I would try to find out how to contact the originators and see if the have any links to the original docs for the project.

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