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I've been using Ubuntu for about 8 months now but everytime I feel like i know what I'm doing something new hits me. However, it runs waaay faster than Vista and I'm learning more in a week than i did in a year using Vista. Right now I have Vista and Ubuntu 11.04 installed on my 4 year old computer. I want to install another distro (I'm thinking Sabayon) but my family has grown fond of Ubuntu and I'm not sure I'm ready to get rid of vista yet. I've looked around and i can't find a guide for triple booting that i completely understand so i was wondering if i could find some help here.

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With pretty much all Linux-based distros the bootloader installation does auto-detect and setup multiple boot options. However if yours is unable to auto-detect all options we can help you to modify the bootloader.

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Thanks for the help. The guides i read led me to think triple booting was a lot harder than dual booting.

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razor123 wrote:

Thanks for the help. The guides i read led me to think triple booting was a lot harder than dual booting.

At one time it was very difficult, but recently the bootloader development teams have been adding the ability for it to auto-probe for other operating systems and setup an automatic configuration. There are some cases when the bootloaders do not locate boot images and miss operating systems, but if you encounter those we can easily walk you through setting those up.

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Oh, and another thing, you CAN scratch Vista Completely. I did, and never looked back. In fact, if you have a copy of XP, that is the only windows OS you need.

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Thanks mfillpot and saqman2060, I really want to get XP but I can't find it anywhere legally and my games don't work with wine. My computer is almost 5 years old and the only reason we haven't replaced it and got a better version of windows is because my family found out that the computer actually works if they use ubuntu, so that's both a blessing and a curse :P

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