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Honestly XP wasn't bad, but all of the intrusive functions in win7 will quickly irritate most users.

I have one computer with xp and another with win7, they are for games and netflix. However since I rarely use them every time I boot them they require maintenance and force updates and pointless reboots which makes me want to use them even less. Even though I like my win based games, the entertainment has not been proven to be worth the headache of booting into windows after running with Slackware Linux as my primary OS.

Fortunately netflix finally got streaming to work on chromebooks, so that use for windows is gone. At this time I am waiting to see if the wine developers can get the games to work correctly under wine, once that happens I will have no use for windows at all.

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I know exactly what you mean about the constant annoyances of windows. When i boot it up I have to wait almost ten minutes for vista to start up that the only thing I feel like doing when i finally hear the login sound is botting ubuntu. After that for about another 15 minutes the computer goes through a cycle of freezing up every few seconds and if i ever click the update button for norton it gets stuck until I end it with task manager. Sometimes I wonder how I survived without linux.

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