Hello all :D

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Hello everyone :)

i have been on loads of forums but i just cba to check em all daily, so i thought id go to the source :P i have found alot of usefull stuff here but never had a user or contributed before.
i have been using linux at home for the last 5 years, and the last 2 years i have worked with
IT professionally aswell (servers, networking etc.) linux, sun solaris and windows based systems, so i know a little of everything and sometimes not enough of anything :P il try and contribute if i can :)
execute my english, its not my main language :D

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Welcome to the forum, I am glad that you decided to make this your first site for contributions. We appreciate you contributions and willingness to share.

I have reviewed some of your posts and would like to offer some advise on your scripts.

1. Create a git repo to store and sync your scripts so they are more widely visible, in addition you can post links to the repo here which will point to the updated scripts. For example my repo is at , in which I think you may benefit from checking out the functions in the slackdoctool repo.

2. Explore the use or variables, arrays and loops to reduce the modification complexity and redundancy in the scripts.

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Ok, thank you i will look at it when i have more time :) my head is wired for C# at the moment, and i havent done much scripting to be honest, but i would very much like to learn more!

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If you have any questions about your scripting feel free to ask here, that is a definite hobby for me.

P.S. You can store any scripts of source code at github, so you can share both your linux scripts and C# programs that you wish to be open in one location.

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Ok, thanks :)

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