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I'm another Noobie to Linux

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Welcome =)

Not sure what version of linux mint you got out of the magazine, but i'd recommend getting it directly from their website for a full version.

Also try Ubuntu which is what Linux Mint is based off of, my favorite version personally is Kubuntu so I'd recommend trying that.

The difference between Ubuntu and Kubuntu is that Kubuntu comes pre-installed with a KDE GUI. Which in non jargon terms, means its a version of linux a window user can easily use. You can download it here:

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I'm a Noobie here, too. I don't mean to hi-jack this thread, but I am unable to start a new topic. I'd love to hop over to the Noob section to ask some questions. Is there a time requirement for new members to be able to post or might this be yet another issue with the old pc? I haven't found any forum guidelines or faq to find that out. When I click the "New Topic" button, I get "405-Method Not Allowed."

Anyway, Hi everyone! My name's Melissa and I'm considering a switch from WinXP to possibley Kubuntu. Looks exciting, but I definitely want to make sure I consider everything before I go and screw things up. ;)

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Hello, Welcome Melissa.

The problem you are facing is not bcoz of your old PC and there is no other requirements to post a question/start a topic apart from registering.

The problem is alreay taken to concern persons and they are working on it to fix ASAP.

Please wait for some more time....

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