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I'm another Noobie to Linux

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I'm another of the many new people to Linux and I hope that I won't drive any of you crazy with my many questions. I've just installed Linux Mint 12 on a computer that the hard drive died on. I installed a new drive and installed the Mint 12 from a cd that I got out of a magazine and to say the least it is a limited version. I'm trying to get the thing online but am having problems with just about everything I do. I'm not very computer literate so that doesn't help much. Hopefully I'll get this thing online soon so I can download all the things that are missing right now.
Anyway I have already asked several questions and I'm sure there will be a lot more before I'm done. I just hope you folks don't get tired of all the questions, and a lot of them will be stupid but I've got to learn. I don't have any friends that use Linux so I will be here a lot probably looking for help. Right now I'm having a problem getting used to all the terminology that you folks use it's so different from the Windows stuff. Bear with me and I'll someday be helping others get answers.

Thanks for the help already recieved guys. Roadtrash

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Don't worry about your questions, ask as many as you need. If someone knows the answers he/she will reply. However, I must suggest you to do some research on searching enignes before asking questions ;)

You can visit the irc channel #linuxdotcom on If you write down my name I'll get a notification and I'll try to help with any question you have :)


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Noobie the same

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Welcome aboard solio.

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The only dumb questions are the unasked ones! We all had to start somewhere, and trust me when I say that once upon a time (20-30 years ago maybe), I was really dumb! :-)

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Rubberman, I realize *every day* how dumbI am (although I must admit that a little less dumber than some years ago ;) )

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