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I found this friendly forum a pair of days ago, and registered.

I started using GNU&Linux in 2004, with Mandrake 10. Then I switched to Debian during 3 months, then tried Ubuntu. I contributed to a book dedicated to beginners starting with Ubuntu, as co-autor during 5 months, then the book was published early 2006.

Then I wanted to try Archlinux, which has been my main distribution during 4 years. In the meanwhile I tried a few more, such as Slitaz, Zenwalk, again Debian, and Mandriva, and a few small distros.

In 2008 I started using PCLinuxOS KDE Minime, and in 2009 a member of the PCLinuxOS community created a program to localize in many languages, using a separate repository for the po/mo files. So I started to learn to remaster the different flavors available, to provide them to a French speaking community. I also started a project around the Openbox window manager as a standalone version, with sparkles of small programs and configuration files provided to make it easy to use.

I am now a full contributor, with the creation of a dedicated website in French, some more joined, we created a wiki and we continue.

Here is the website:
and here a presentation in English of the specifically easy and lightweight Openbox version of PCLinuxOS : New Openbox Editions Available.

And the latest built on Openbox too, is a special version for young children : PCLinuxOS Education, that we (a group of parents from several countries) have worked on for more than 2 years. A full, up to date presentation can be seen here:
PCLinuxOS Education (en)

I have a question related to the present website : what is the difference between the forum, and the "Linux answers" section ? I tried to answer to someone a pair of days ago when I came first, but I still don't see the answer I provided : how come ? I tried to give a good and useful answer, so I would suppose it might be published one of these days, before the person thinks nobody cares for her problem ?


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Welcome to the site!

The need for the forums as well as "Linux Answers" is somewhat of a point of contention in the community. I would recommend sticking to the forums, they are more active and you won't need to have to your answers reviewed before publishing.

Always great to have a distro maintainer on board.


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Hi MasenM,
Thank you for your welcome. One more question : how is it possible and made easy to try to help anyone on this forum, as I don't see any menu entry to look for new messages, topics, and so on ?

(I am not a distro maintainer, just a maintainer of a few alternate versions... I would like to have knowledge for more but it isn't the case).

Happy New Year !

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Welcome to the forum and it si good to have someone with so much experience.

The forum is moderated by the community and the posts are instant, so we can help you more quickly.

The answers section is moderated by the admins, which moderate and approve every posts, so the posts will be delayed.

As for the new message, the site is in the middle of being re-designed and that feature will hopefully be back soon.

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Welcome to melodie. Being in the middle of a re-design is a bit of a hassle for us. There are so many features that we're waiting for. We hope you'll wait it out with us and share your knowledge with the others here. There's always a need for those who are more experienced. Welcome aboard.

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Sorry for the terminology mixup :)

Seems like your second question got answered while I was on holiday.

Thanks, and welcome again!

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