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This the right time place to welcome you all to and out little community. Feel free to introduce yourself to the community and tell us what you hope to accomplish or gain from this community.

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Well, my name is istimsak abdulbasir, a Windows decendent who is learning the power digital control. Consider me an explorer, an explorer of SPEED. Linux offers this, and much more. Now I'm hoping that human innovation will come easy to me as it has ever since I went opensource.

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I'm just a kid who has been using Linux, casually for the most part, for about 2 years. I'm not a geeky / techy kid at all! I was frustrated with "Windows rot," all the bloatware needed to keep Windows safe from viruses and stuff, and the ceaseless vigil of scanning, defragging, updated, rebooting, and paying big bucks for help when I needed it.

I was looking at Macs, but omygosh, that's super-expensive! Googling for an alternative, I stumbled upon a Linux distro called "Ubuntu" and it worked so well I wiped Windows away after just a week of learning Ubuntu Linux.

I'm hardly a guru or anything, but I've distro-hopped a little and learned a lot playing with different applications, desktop environments, configurations, etc. Yet I consider myself a casual, "ordinary desktop user," not a guru by any stretch. I'm here because I like to learn and because I enjoy sharing what I discover. First in blog posts here on (that new Linux users and other kids might enjoy) and then here and there in the Forums.

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Hi folks,

in the past few years, I started some attempts to learn Linux, but never find a fine distribution. I tried Ubuntu for the first on an old IBM Thinkpad. But, I missed the kick to stay on Linux.

In December 2009 I purchased a brand new Sony Vaio Notebook with a lot of power - and Windows 7. Hacking a half year in Windows 7 and then I've been really angry and sorely about this stuff.

Well, I took an old computer, started again with Linux and had fun...

In February, I found Crunchbang at, and recognized, it's worth to install and to try.

I took an old personal computer, AMD Athlon 64 Bit, 2 GB RAM and an ATI Radeon 9000 and installed Crunchbang with the desktop environment OpenBox.

Well, I can tell you - I like it. A great distro - and a great way to learn about Linux.

And a very friendly community.

Virtual Guests (Oracle VirtualBox) are CentOS-Linux and MacPup-Linux.



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My name is Matt Palmer, I'm from the United Kingdom. I've been a UNIX and Linux user for a long time now, and thought that I would share some of the stuff that I have done both through my job and through just trying to figure out ways of trying to get stuff to work better.

I started out with Junior UNIX experience as a sysadmin in 1995, and then around 2000 I gradually introduced open source and Linux as a server environment into the company I work for, now the business is thriving and at a fraction of the cost of some other platform vendors.

Thought this would be a good place to exchange some war stories, and maybe find some like-minded people who I could chat through different ideas with, and see what other people are doing with Linux.

Happy to chat with anyone!

see you around the forums


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Thank you all for introducing yourselves. to the community.

I can't wait to see your contributions and learn more about all of you.

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