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Well hello everyone. :)

Fredrik over here, swedish guy that just turned 30.
Started my Linux journey with Ubuntu (came from XP) stayed with that for a while.
Distrohopped a bit and tried out some different ones, used Crunchbang for pretty a prety long time.
Then i went to a clean Debian installation and loved it :) and since then ive stayed with Debian based stuff, love the feeling of clean packages and the snappiness.
Atm im kinda lazy so my main desktop @ home and my laptop is running Mint Debian Edition, just felt i wanted an easy to use straight out of the box experience, but planning on running a dualboot with Sabayon.

Other than Debian im interested in the free dist gNewSense that currently is Ubuntu based but the upcoming release will be Debian based.
Like the feling of beeing able to choose a complete free one, most things worked liked supposed except the rar for packages, but that seems to be a high priority thing to get taken care of.

So basically this is some of what im about =) a swedish Debian based guy that spends alot of time online.

See you around guys.

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Hi guys,

My name is Jordi and I'm from Barcelona (Spain). I'm new around here and because I'm getting more and more interested in open source software everyday I just decided to take the logic step of migrating to linux. The truth is I tried in the past but... after years of using different releases of windows it wasn't as easy as I had thought. I hope this time will be for good.

I'm definitely starting with ubuntu and we'll see how well I manage to get used to it.

See you guys around.

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Welcome to the Forums Jordi.

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Wow! Another Barcelona user! :) "Benvingut Jordi!" which stands for "Welcome Jordi!"

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Hi, my name is Anand Kumar from New Delhi ,India. I am a student . I joined because I really like Linux. I am using Linux for more than 4 years. I still remember the first time when I installed Ubuntu I was very scared at that time & also I didn't know anything about it at that time.After that I used several Distro like Linux Mint( my favorite), Fedora, OpenSuse, PCLOS, Kubuntu, Knoppix, Slax. I am now planning to make a career in Linux Administration for that I am preparing for RHCE & of course LINUX.COM is helping me a lot.

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Welcome to the forums Anand.

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