Android Deleted From Linux Kernel

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I can't imagine that Google has the desire to create a completely separate fork of the Linux Kernel, independant of the rest of the planet's work. that doesn't mean that they will continue to make significant contributions back to the kernel, either. But I suspect, based on their FOSS track record, that we can expect them to continue to make contributions. Besides, If they want to continue using the Linux kernel source as the base for their own kernel, then it makes sense that they would want some input into the larger development process as a whole (which would mean continued code contributions). I mean, I think the only other option is forking, and could become quite a headache for them.

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When I was at the Linux Collaboration Summit in April there was a lot of talk about this, and the direction that Google is taking with Android. From what I got out of these discussions is that they are going to work to merge back into the mainstream. This will take some time, so the fork will exist most likely for the next couple of years. The question for me is what will be the results of two Linux mobile systems, Android and MeeGo, on the market. In any case, everyone was trying to "make nice" at the summit, and at least paying lip service to closer collaboration between Android and MeeGo. In any case, only time will tell how it all works out.

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I loved the question at the summit about kernel contributions from Android. In light of that pressure Chris DiBona pledged to hire two coders to assist in pushing android based kernel revisions back into the mainstream as per

Rubberman, hopefully if we both go again next year we can meet up for some discussions. ;)

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But I think Google 's incentive to merge depends upon Meego 's development. If Meego can pose a threat to Android, Google should not have sent just 2 programmers.

See also: COMPUTEX 2010 -- MeeGo UI ÔΩ¢Gnome not QTÔΩ£@ Taipei The language is traditional Chinese, but the Desktop UI is Gnome, not QT. This is queer. . .

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Meego seems promising, but based upon what I heard at the presentations the apps store layout they are planning on may be the downfall.
As per your note about the UI, the core is all based on GTK, but the app development will be on QT.

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mfillpot wrote:

As per your note about the UI, the core is all based on GTK, but the app development will be on QT.

Not true:

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