Anti-Time and the probability

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The hardware manufacturer builds the machine. Linus orcherstrates the world wide army of developers. Is someone breaking recommendations or voltage laws of our sphere?

At what circumstances takes on the tunnel effect?

The kernel is just a transparent layer to the machine. Whose fault is it in the case of damage? The GPL says software comes withouth any warranty, isn't it?

I'd like to develop a multi threaded tree.
How can I overtake the clock?

200 threads sounds like madness ...
May be even more than one thread in hardware.

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I am not sure what you are asking but I think you want a better process to handle power. Hope I am close on assumption. I would communicate with some of the kernel developers and understand the process linux uses to manage power then look for alternatives to your suggestion.

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Sorry didn't watch star trek for a long time ...

I have strange crashes and I'm realy asking me if compution time can exceed on linux:

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I decided to do an async queue and leave kernel space untainted. It took time but is probably the most accurate way to target this issue.

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