B.E. final year project in Linux

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I am a B.E. student and I need a project definition in linux for my final year projects.
can anyone provide me with the abstract of the same?
Waiting for reply...

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Maybe you would like to explain further, what do you mean by project definition and abstract of the same. I sounds very much like you would like someone to do your thesis outline work for you. If I'm mistaken, please explain.

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Well I only wanted to ask that does anybody is having a good project idea especially kernel programming.

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I was always of the opinion that the purpose of school was to learn how to think for yourself. There are a lot of unmet needs in the Linux universe. Do some research and find one that fits well with your skills and time available for your project/thesis. Don't ask others to do your thinking for you... :-(

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only want to know whether you are student.

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on your own , if you implemented a single copy program, that cp does, I bet that also a project. And it will be your own idea.

Two things I want to make you clear,

1. Project is not necessarily have a code of more pages.
2. Its not necessary to complete that with in that time. Means, its not compulsory to met all your objective you mentioned in your report. Do as much as you can with your project team on you people own.

this only scores a lot, knowledge wise .

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