Can I get a kernel?

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Good day! My name is Levan, I'm 17 years old. I am fascinated by the writing of the operating system for robots. I wrote the RTOS operating system type, but to make it to the processing multmedia (video, sound) is very difficult. I decided to write the OS does not like RTOS, as usual, using the core Linux. But I do not know it at all possible? Please give me an answer. Thank you very much.
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Answer to what question?

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Linux has real-time extensions (soft, not hard real-time) that would be adequate for most purposes. As my signature says, "Sometimes real fast is almost as good as real-time" - I have been doing hard real-time system development for 30 years, so I know something of the subject. My grandson uses soft real-time Linux extensions for his UAV's (both fixed-wing and rotary devices - helicopters) navigation and control systems. So far, they work just fine running on both ARM and x86 processors.

In any case, why do you need real-time processing for audio/video tasks? Yes, some such do require the Linux real-time extensions (the audio Jack tools for example), but explain please EXACTLY what you are trying to accomplish.

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Hello, dear Rubberman!
My ideas may seem silly to you, and are not appropriate!
I want to build an operating system for robots, which controlled all the processes in the system. I have a lot of my devices on the AVR processors (home automation system, etc.) that work on my RTOS. I would have to gather intelligence of robots that can think for themselves, to see what is happening, and so on, for example, a robot-android. I propose to take the motherboard and set back a GNU / linuh. But that's not what I want. The fact that I do not write programs for computers, I'm doing a complete system, in which no one will be included (for example, except I will not write the software). To do this I need to own the operating system. I originally thought when he wrote RTOS that it will be for robots and for small-scale devices. But I had a craving for big robots.
I understand that I may be somewhere writing nonsense, I'm in school and many still do not understand, if you can pozadavayte me questions, I will try to answer as to which there will not be able to think.
Thank you!

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