How to create a new root file system?

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How to create a new root file system a kernel?
I'm searching for answers for past few weeks . :S
Is LFS only way out? Or should i try something like virual appliances ? something like rpath or jeos etc....I need to create a new root file system , from scratch so my kernel can use it.

Any help ?:blink:

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Hi there,

Could you please elaborate a bit on what you're trying to achieve? "Create a new root file system a kernel" ?


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I have downloaded and complied a kernel ( . Now I want to Know how to create an new root file system ( i'm learning about Linux). I have a new partition (say /dev/sda6) with 10 GB , I have formatted it as ext3. How to proceed here after?

I want to learn about these stuff , which i believe ,will be really useful while i'm trying to create my own distro or virtual appliance kind of stuff,in future.

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So you want to roll your own OS? Well, then look at for starters. You can get all the necessary binary utils required for a minimal OS from that one great app. The only missing thing is an initscript, which you write yourself.

Basically, you create an initrd (initial ramdisk) image, which you tell your kernel to load. Think of it as a mini-OS that will run in memory. Making the initrd is pretty simple. you just create the directory structure and populate it with the busybox apps. There is a great tutorial here:

Once you get that mastered, you can move on to transferring this image to internal storage.

good luck!

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Well, then indeed you could follow LFS manual for installation of vital software that you'd need besides of the kernel.

Create root partition, create swap. Mount the root partition somewhere where you will be able to install other software, say /mnt/root. Enable swap (swapon -v /dev/XXX). Start getting and compiling packages now :)

Though, if you really wanna follow the whole process from A to Z, I do indeed recommend building n LFS system once. Just make sure you have a decent PC or a lot of time :)


EDIT: Actually, you say you're learning about Linux... If this is your first time installing any kind of linux, I'd still start from some seasoned distribution with more user-friendly installers ;)

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Yes,I'm learning about linux internals ,I'll use LFS and also check the busybox. Thanks for useful links and details.

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