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need to upgrade kernel with driver- ISL1221 RTC

Link to this post 18 Aug 10

Hi mfillpot

Thanks for the valuable advice :) ..........

I have configured my new chip in Kconfig & added it i Makefile too ....

Now i am able to create the kernel with the new rtc chip ( which is running with a dummy driver for time being ) .

Now I hope, I can go ahead with the driver development.

Guide me if I m wrong in any line


Link to this post 18 Aug 10

So far you have been finding many of the necessary steps to integrate the driver. The big step which you still have in front of you is the development, by comparing existing comparative drivers and cross referencing them against your dummy driver you should have a good core in place to complete the development.

Once you have a working driver I would highly recommend checking out and the linked sites so you can contribute the driver into the mainstream kernel so no one else will have to go through the difficulty that you are experiencing to use the device.

I look forward to seeing your code as you get further into the process and seeing what difficulties and/or bugs you experience during the development process.

Link to this post 18 Aug 10

sure .........

thanks once again .....

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