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"No space left on device" -rootfs image build err

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Hi all

With [B]mkimage [/B] tool, I have created an Root FileSystem image from an RFS source of size 174MB. The Image I got has a size of 10 MB approximately. I have used the mentioned script file, to make use of mkimage tool

This root FS is for [B]ARM architecture[/B], not for a general PC. So for cross compile purpose, I am using Suse host machine.

But it is throwing me an error while doing cp,[B] " No space left on device"[/B]. So I have come to one colclusion that the 10MB is not the actual size of the image.

[B]cp: writing `rfs_image_v.4_mount/bin/cp': No space left on device[/B]

Please give me advice ..


I could create the image, using the following script



mkdir $RD_TEMP_DIR
#if == input file
dd if=/dev/zero of=$RD_TEMP_FILE bs=1024k count=20
/sbin/mke2fs -F -m0 $RD_TEMP_FILE
/sbin/tune2fs -c 0 $RD_TEMP_FILE
mount $RD_TEMP_FILE $RD_TEMP_DIR -o loop
cp -r -d $RD_DIR/* $RD_TEMP_DIR

umount $RD_TEMP_DIR

mkimage -A arm -T ramdisk -C gzip -n "Ramdisk" -d $GZ_FILE $RD_FILE


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