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Basic Security: What do I REALLY need??

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I'm new to linux, and want to switch to it. I have heard that it is pretty secure compared to Microsoft, but that doesn't mean it is impenetrable.

Are there any basic security necessities I should get? I'm just useing it to replace cruddy W8...

Note: I'm not running a server.

What I have right now:

- A firewall (block all incoming, allow all outgoing)
- my password... if that amounts to anything...

Link to this post 28 Aug 13

You can use a fingerprint scanner, enable SeLinux or apparmor to add additional executable control or install an antivirus like clamav (to scan for viruses so you dont accidentally pass viri to windows computers) if you wish to have better security. There are other possible steps that can be taken, but between what you have listed and what I added that is more than enough for most home users.

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