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Best Password safety?[RESOLVED VIA IRC CHAT]

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I blocked the port, I read its common for world of warcraft, other blizzard games, and trojans.

I blocked it on my router, also figured out how the log files work on it. I'll see how it goes from here.

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to answer your question GoinEasy

Cable modem conntected to Linksys WRT54G router which runs DHCP for 3 PCs, one printer on a static address. All connections are wired with the wireless option enabled with a different password then the rest.

The IP address coming in is different every time, I blocked the port at my firewall but its still being allowed in, my firewall on my PC is getting hit still by the same port.

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ok now it should be blocked, i added in the policy to block the port but didn't select to do it afterwards. Lets see what happens now.

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For some reason i'm unable to successfully block this port, however since that was the case, I am now forwarding that port to a IP Address that isn't being used currently. My PC seems ok for the moment, at least the requests are going into a blank space on my network.

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It seems someone may be actively behind this as we speak, because now I am getting hit by multiple ports, none of them common.

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I'm hoping one of the network guru's that visit the forum can look at the output from your firewall, they may be able to recognize something. You can always run apps like top, or htop or iotop and watch what apps/tasks are running and see if something strange/unidentifiable can be found. The app iotop shows if anything is being written or read from the HD.

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