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Does New Mandriva 2011 (Hydrozen) make sense??

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@ Marc: Guess you might have missed the sarcasm, they dont have sarcasm on beetle-juice anyway...... :P

What I am saying (rather informing) is that Mandriva 2011 suddenly made some changes and left a big chunk of its customers in cold feet........ I fail to understand why will a Company, that has main reason to make money for its investors, by providing solutions to its customers will do that??...... I am informing about myself, other is my friend - two are in process of moving out of Mandriva..... and you know that once someone makes the shift, he hardly ever comes back to OS...... least possible if he likes the new OS better

I had some issues with Mandriva since the day it installed........ but, I was working with / around them, and sharing so others can know / guide me to solutions (if any)........ this seems to be getting to argument between me and you, sods

Link to this post 05 Sep 11

There is no argument here, just your rant.

The developers have explained why they took those decisions, the thing is that you don't like them and the consequences they brought and you are ranting and moving away from Mandriva.

It's ok, it's software and you can use whatever you want. Just don't rant for the sake of ranting.


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