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How to install deep freeze in mandriva 2008

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guys i need your help. how to install deep freeze mandriva? what is the script?

i am using the script

cd /home
rm -fR /home/user
tar xvfz user.tar.gz
service sshd start

but when i restart my computer there is an error i can't login to my default user account. the error is "kstartupconfig" something like that. but if i change the password of my account it really work. my question is 'is my mandriva os really freezed already? i guess not because of the error.

any help will be highly appreciated.

i am looking forward to those who will help me in working this things out.

Thanks team Godbless

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Where are you getting the install packages from?

The script you are entering is removing your /home/user directory, replacing it with the contents of the tar archive and starting the ssh server (remote terminal).

I don't know what bearing this has on your error message though, can you please share what the error message is stating?

Link to this post 15 Sep 09

thank you for the reply sir. the problem in my installation of deep freeze is that "kstatupconfig" is having a problem. ohh you mean the script that i am using is removing? please help me sir and i want to ask u also please send it to my email the list of commands in linux environment. thanks

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I have installed mandriva 2008 and went to get deep freeze from The first issue I see is that this software is aqvailable for Linux, but only Novel SLED this could be the primary reason for it not working.

as for learning commands:
if you type "ls /bin/|xargs whatis;ls /usr/bin/|xargs whatis" into he terminal it will give the list of all commands that can be run as a standard user and a brief description of the functionality.
Running "ls /sbin/|xargs whatis;ls /usr/sbin/|xargs whatis" will give the description of all commands that can be run as the admin.

if you want further info on a command type "man command".

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ahhh, that's why i can't install my deep freeze from faronics also. anyway thank you so much sir i hope i become more knowledgeable also so that i could help others who is in need of help also.

Link to this post 15 Sep 09

this is what i did in installing deep freeze to mandriva 2008 and it work sir.

1st i wrote a script

cd /home
rm -fR /home/user
tar xvf user.tar.gz

2nd i wrote this script

cd /home
tar cvfz user.tar.gz user

i also put Ultra Vnc in my computer in Mandriva

Here's the commands:

1. cd /home/user/.kde/Autostart
2. vi vnc
3. #!/bin/bash x11vnc -ncache -viewonly -forever -shared -bg

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